## 🎊 NEW! VASTLY IMPROVED DEVICE MANAGER - See what apps are installed on your device, and how much storage they take. - Install and uninstall apps without having to worry about dependencies. - Update or uninstall all apps in one click! - Sort and filter apps in the App catalog. - See which crypto assets are supported in Ledger Live. ## 🎉 Improved device interactions - New device interactions with animations for sending, receiving and adding accounts - Better instructions to ease the interaction with the device - More intuitive address verification in the receive flow - Improved USB connectivity. No more need for Experimental USB to fix connection issues. ## 👀 Discreet mode - Hide your balances from prying eyes in one click! ## ⚙️ Complete app rework - Overall performance and stability improvements. Uses fewer system resources. - Better synchronization and sending performance for accounts with many transactions. - USB connectivity enhancements. ## 🐞 Bug fixes - Fixed a bug causing accounts to disappear after quitting the app. - Fixed an HTTP 500 error when adding a Tezos account. - Fixed a bug affecting Tezos KT accounts with more than 100 operations. - You can now send more than 9999 units of an asset. - KICK token price removed from the portfolio balance.