Update deps: `rxjs` and dev deps: `eslint, flow-bin, lerna, uglify-js` ### hw-app-btc: big refactoring of the library More detail: https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledgerjs/pull/437 - signature of `createPaymentTransactionNew` and `signP2SHTransaction` is changing. The previous signature is still working but deprecated. - hw-app-btc: added a way to track progress events of signing a transaction (onDeviceStreaming, onDeviceSignatureRequested, onDeviceSignatureGranted) - Code is more modular and uses async/await. ### hw-transport-node-hid-singleton - Fixes #434 . `usbDetect.stopMonitoring()` is now called on 'exit' to allow the process to ends on a SIGINT.