v0.8.0: Blockchain Good, Orange Coin Bad

We're pleased to announce 0.8.0, named by m-schmoock Time to move to the real world, by making Bitcoin mainnet the default network. ## Highlights for Users :warning: The default network and the default location of the lightning home directory changed. Please make sure that the configuration, key file and database are moved into the network-specific subdirectory. :warning: - We now support receiving [multi-part payments](https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lightning-rfc/blob/master/04-onion-routing.md#basic-multi-part-payments), a first step towards a more unified user experience, allowing users to bundle their channel capacities, and generally care less about whom to peer with. Support for sending is currently manual only: `pay` won't do it yet. - Bitcoin mainnet is now the default network, no more `--network=bitcoin` needed for all you reckless users :wink: - Nodes will now use a network-dependent subdirectory, so you can run nodes for multiple networks without having to specify different `--lightning-dir`s. - Existing nodes should automatically move existing databases and `hsm_secret` files into the correct subdirectory. If the node does not appear to load correctly please ensure that the move was performed correctly. - Config files can now be structured into multiple files using the `include` statement. This allows reusing common configuration options across multiple nodes. - The `rpc_command` hook allows intercepting JSON-RPC requests, and arbitrarily modify them. For example this can be used to authenticate an incoming RPC request before executing it. ## Highlights for the Network - If you are a developer you might want to check out the new `createonion` and `sendonion` RPC calls which will allow you to build custom protocol extensions on top of c-lightning - The newer TLV style payloads in the routing onions are now stable and can be used both for classical payments as well as in custom onions created by `createonion`. - Invoices now add an `s` field for a "payment secret" which can avoid some payment probing attacks, and the `pay` command now uses that field if present. - We now send what [networks we support](https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lightning-rfc/pull/682) on connection: this detects accidentally connecting mainnet and testnet node (harmless, but useless). More details can be found in https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/blob/v0.8.0/CHANGELOG.md Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep them coming! Since 0.7.3 we've had 305 commits from 16 different authors, with 6 first-time contributors! - Michael Schmoock @m-schmoock - Gorazd Kovacic @gorazdko - Richard Myers @RichardMyers - Vasil Dimov @vasild - Sebastian Geisler @sgeisler - Jarret Dyrbye @jarret Cheers, Lisa, Rusty, Christian, and ZmnSCPxj.