spruned 0.0.6

Welcome to spruned 0.0.6! This new release comes with a major update: zeromq support. All the Core 0MQ topics are supported: hashblock, rawblock, hashtx, rawtx. Summary: - new checkpoints: up to block 568150 (00000000000000000001ae8ead7f279a3f7038967a147a0fb35acb83ff16fd82) - new feature: zeromq - new electrum testnet servers (public servers are unreliable, I'm going to support also the testnet network) - jsonrpc: gettxout floats was returned as strings - jsonrpc: getblockchaininfo difficulty&chainwork are mocks but the syntax is now valid (was null values) - arguments: --daemon is deprecated, the argument is now useless and will be removed in next versions.