# LightningPeach wallet v0.4.2-mainnet-beta Release notes: * We have added a possibility to increase an amount of payment requests. It means that now you can add some tips to scanned payment requests. Such service as [tippin.me](https://tippin.me) also becomes available. * The Privacy Policy document has been updated. # Verifying the Release In order to verify the release, you'll need to have `gpg` or `gpg2` installed on your system. Once you've obtained a copy (and hopefully verified that as well), you'll first need to import LighntingPeach Wallet's key if you haven't done so already: `curl "https://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x3B50C645039078ED" | gpg --import` Once you have LighntingPeach Wallet's PGP key you can verify the release (assuming `manifest-v0.4.2-mainnet-beta.txt` and `manifest-v0.4.2-mainnet-beta.txt.sig` are in the current directory) with: `gpg --verify manifest-v0.4.2-mainnet-beta.txt.sig` That will verify the signature on the main manifest page which ensures integrity and authenticity of the binaries and executables you've downloaded locally. Next, depending on your operating system you should then re-calculate the `sha256` sum of the binary or executable, and compare that with the following hashes (which are included in the manifest file): ``` b9f7f74b549be6d15872912115649ec3454de605a7f13015b083d8181c2a69de lightning-peach-wallet_0.4.2-mainnet-beta_amd64.deb f1fcef32ef0f2e600ca1d4987a1a4520f550d297c154869bded8a845cadf751e lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.2-mainnet-beta.dmg cc4dee17b928e11874407d9934754765a285b7255580f8e4a2659eccfbae2acc lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.2-mainnet-beta.exe a2a04fd8f710f3821f80e9da47a6595c3c45a89ce01857583d3975a53ce20c99 lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.2-mainnet-beta-mac.zip 5ecf14bb130f7244bcb2e22c7bc92926f041e39f14d6a3fc737b874c06f36164 lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.2-mainnet-beta-x86_64.AppImage d3351faa811e319827b88df3422216287b234ae966dfbba27a6a92032cc25b13 lightning-peach-wallet-setup-0.4.2-mainnet-beta.exe ``` One can use the `shasum -a 256 ` tool in order to re-compute the sha256 hash of the target binary or executable for your operating system. The produced hash should be compared with the hashes listed above and they should match exactly.