# LightningPeach wallet v0.4.0-mainnet-beta Release notes: * This release is public beta one on mainnet. It means that from now on you can send and receive payments on mainnet, as well as purchasing real goods through Lightning. * For security reasons we have limited time of active session. Now session is active only for 15 minutes, then you need to reenter your password. Please note, that stream payments in this case are not stopped or paused. * We have added the Merachants tab, on which you can see stores, that accept mainnet lightning payments. Refill your wallet with bitcoin and try the real world of lightning fast payments. # Verifying the Release In order to verify the release, you'll need to have `gpg` or `gpg2` installed on your system. Once you've obtained a copy (and hopefully verified that as well), you'll first need to import LighntingPeach Wallet's key if you haven't done so already: `curl "https://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x3B50C645039078ED" | gpg --import` Once you have LighntingPeach Wallet's PGP key you can verify the release (assuming `manifest-v.4.0-mainnet-beta.txt` and `manifest-v.4.0-mainnet-beta.txt.sig` are in the current directory) with: `gpg --verify manifest-v.4.0-mainnet-beta.txt.sig` That will verify the signature on the main manifest page which ensures integrity and authenticity of the binaries and executables you've downloaded locally. Next, depending on your operating system you should then re-calculate the `sha256` sum of the binary or executable, and compare that with the following hashes (which are included in the manifest file): ``` cddd2019f89319b1f36caa6cc4e4922d940d52f79ef9e425d081c0fd843c5bb2 lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.0-mainnet-beta-mac.zip 79d1766a39a3a3662b81bd57abcd7bd3cf2b0b8811f627866cb95c8b3ff00133 lightning-peach-wallet_0.4.0-mainnet-beta_amd64.deb da00a72b3a4c4b65827ee0a0e1636e1978e2dafb6dbf805473b126255a832803 lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.0-mainnet-beta.dmg 3a5d3ea921aa997f719f73f65c6273d4106671e9d9766bffe59ddb07fee3d767 lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.0-mainnet-beta.exe ec8141e44527dca6edec49a65fe806a16cde0f46c0c442202383470222288491 lightning-peach-wallet-0.4.0-mainnet-beta-x86_64.AppImage 31f6793df947bb45e6b48a18ff05f81bbdfa8a123cb91cb36b732e86bf70f8c5 lightning-peach-wallet-setup-0.4.0-mainnet-beta.exe ``` One can use the `shasum -a 256 ` tool in order to re-compute the sha256 hash of the target binary or executable for your operating system. The produced hash should be compared with the hashes listed above and they should match exactly.