Zap 0.4.0 Beta

### Bug Fixes * **activity:** make internal transactions searchable ([1f29ff9]( * **activity:** properly categorize pending transactions ([6b828b1]( * **activity:** show limbo amount for force close transactions ([aad8154](, closes [#1176]( * **app:** do not display app until ready ([ab81579]( * **app:** retain wallets & settings data on logout ([a5d6d24](, closes [#1723]( * **bar:** allow ui Bar to accept bg color prop ([394974f]( * **btc:** ensure convert always returns numbers ([bf5ffda]( * **channels:** display wallet balance on create form ([865f89e](, closes [#1648]( * **channels:** improve channel create messages ([e22d90a]( * **channels:** refresh channels after LN payments ([b1465f9](, closes [#1825]( * **home:** increase sidebar width ([a9abf52]( * **i18n:** change search results message ([3fefe9b]( * **lnd:** defer fetching data until sync complete ([fba3cc9]( * **lnd:** enable assumechanvalid on mainnet ([d55d3fa]( * **lnd:** enable assumechanvalid on mainnet ([82c60b5]( * **lnd:** show sync screen as early as possible ([a287ec2]( * **lnd:** switch to testnet3 and testnet4 btcd nodes ([3835eca]( * **lnd:** trigger resync for all local wallets ([d2aae8b]( * **radio:** fix padding when no desc or label is set ([07119a8]( * **settings-edit:** add support for btcpay connection ([d2749e5]( * **sync:** clean up text on sync screen ([66739f5](, closes [#1530]( * **sync:** ensure QR code shown when syncing ([46ab1d8](, closes [#1367]( * **textarea:** allow overriding props with rest ([6425a5a]( * **ui:** add close channel notification ([c3c6c76]( * **ui:** adjust language in onboarding network step ([408c741]( * **ui:** allow escape close standalone modals ([af8a347]( * **ui:** always use preset font sizes ([370de90](, closes [#1786]( * **ui:** avoid channel capacity break in 2 lines ([bc6b01d]( * **ui:** bring activitymodal to modalstack ([f82f1d0]( * **ui:** bring receivemodal to modalstack ([d8b87d0](, closes [#1614]( * **ui:** change invoice status color scheme ([d75f27a]( * **ui:** close all modals before opening pay form ([f943bc8]( * **ui:** correctly handle escape for stacked modals ([ad1d2e2]( * **ui:** disable launch button when opening wallet ([9b2edb6]( * **ui:** disable open channel button on submit ([4cf556a]( * **ui:** disable pointer events on fade ([c89cea4]( * **ui:** ensure dialogs are closed on unmount ([33535f0]( * **ui:** ensure notifications don't cover modal close button ([8d507ba]( * **ui:** fetch transactions on schedule ([bb16174](, closes [#1683]( * **ui:** fix connection details tabcontrol ([0fee8c3]( * **ui:** fix last item dropshadow glitch in channel summary list ([38e0028](, closes [#1671]( * **ui:** fix line heights for Heading component ([4f6943a]( * **ui:** improve channel search results header ([e0e0f2c]( * **ui:** improve opendialoginput ([faa9821]( * **ui:** include suggested nodes in search results ([98855c3]( * **ui:** incorrect currency address name ([3b86d55](, closes [#1843]( * **ui:** incorrect currency dropdown opacity for offline channels ([4bdc9ad](, closes [#1672]( * **ui:** make node search case insensitive ([17dca90]( * **ui:** only show fee widget for onchain transactions ([a840e58]( * **ui:** prevent breaking channel status text in 2 lines ([de755b3](, closes [#1649]( * **ui:** prevent long name break in channel search ([9009b16](, closes [#1659]( * **ui:** properly detect active submenu ([e051c2e]( * **ui:** repair delete wallet action ([e425437]( * **ui:** resolve inconsistency in channel forms ([0a4c6ef]( * **ui:** standardize hr line weights ([e2ea161]( * **ui:** top align message icon ([a83f8e2]( * **ui:** use consistent pay form icon ([9c2ef11](, closes [#1610]( * **wallet:** better payment success/error handling ([2485558]( * **wallet:** ensure pay form auto submits on valid address ([781a621]( * **wallet:** ensure tickers are ready before displaying app ([8cab8fc]( * **wallet:** include limbo balance in wallet total ([6914705](, closes [#1792]( * allow customize tabs with styled system ([e0e24a9]( * unsupported style property max-width console warning ([193904b]( * unsupported style property max-width console warning ([b6c700c]( * **ui:** incorrect fiat to satoshi conversion ([e8654bd]( * **ui:** make incoming/outgoing transaction more obvious ([f2b4530](, closes [#1538]( * **wallet:** resolve broken link in help menu ([41b5684]( * improve loading screen messages ([de9076e](, closes [#1178]( * **forms:** more robust handling for amount inputs ([bbd3659](, closes [#1547]( * **lnd:** ensure lnd start errors are displayed ([38ea8cc]( * **ui:** blank screen while waiting for remote node reponse ([90684fb]( * **ui:** ensure amount input group has required flag ([a9e7abe]( * **ui:** implement themed delete wallet dialog ([8ac4d43]( * **ui:** improve checkbox component ([2dddf58]( * **ui:** incorrect save wallet action bar visibility ([9ea181f]( * **ui:** introduce singleton loading screen ([04b6805]( * **ui:** loading bolt dom position and style ([2f08a1b]( * **ui:** reduce default app width to 900px ([dc28e5a]( * **wallet:** do not crash after paying msat invoices ([d5b405f](, closes [#1568]( * **wallet:** ensure currency unit is saved on change ([46a3f1e]( * **wallet:** include pending channel balance in wallet balance ([d1771de](, closes [#1770]( * **wallet:** remove system confirmation dialog ([136ba33]( ### Features * **activity:** merge expired toggle with filters ([09f51f9]( * **activity:** new activity search and filters ([dca93ab]( * **channels:** add channel refresh button ([884c5d4]( * **channels:** categorise opening/funding transactions ([de111c8](, closes [#902]( * **channels:** channel card list and view switcher ([1493fb0](, closes [#1490]( * **channels:** channel create form summary ([e448123](, closes [#1571]( * **channels:** channel detail view ([9752dd1](, closes [#1427]( * **channels:** include loading chanels in listings ([67ffbd5]( * **channels:** manage channels menu item ([6679da1](, closes [#1425]( * **channels:** new channel list search filters ([7176335]( * **channels:** new channel search form ([7e2db64](, closes [#1571]( * **channels:** new channel summary list ([1a89456](, closes [#1425]( * **channels:** new create channel form ([cfd499a](, closes [#1448]( * **channels:** private channel toggle ([61bea8d](, closes [#1570]( * **channels:** remember use selected channel view mode ([c0979d6](, closes [#1688]( * **channels:** set fee rate when opening channel ([20e9f7e](, closes [#1569]( * **channels:** show closing transaction in channel detail ([3a5a7cc](, closes [#1687]( * **channels:** show notification when opening channel ([cb58684]( * **channels:** suggested nodes on channel form ([b98e1e8](, closes [#1615]( * **channels:** use unconfirmed outputs in funding transaction ([c494c70](, closes [#1495]( * **channels:** validate channel amount input ([7b4f7f0](, closes [#1494]( * **i18n:** add uah currency and fix comment typo ([5be6368]( * **inc-expiry-time:** extend default invoice expiry time to 24hrs ([7f5ff40]( * **lnd:** generate lndconnect uri for remote nodes ([fcb98c7]( * **lnd:** lnd crash recovery (show dialog) ([dc68ac9](, closes [#1824]( * **onboarding:** user selectable active network ([8c038fc](, closes [#1767]( * **ui:** add ability to edit host cert and macaroon ([4d37a48](, closes [#1182]( * **ui:** add ability to edit remote connections that use lndconnect ([04175e9](, closes [#1624]( * **ui:** add ability to select macaroon and cert file from dialog ([c4a6d1e]( * **ui:** add close channel dialog ([058b7e0](, closes [#1449]( * **ui:** add contextual help component ([00c95e0](, closes [#1291]( * **ui:** add opening date to channel details ([afbebe2]( * **ui:** animate modals open close ([fb3fc54]( * **ui:** enable modal close on escape key ([96cd9a0](, closes [#1195]( * **ui:** implement better getting started ui ([ac74967](, closes [#1553]( * **ui:** implement wallet settings save ([7e1596d](, closes [#1190]( * **wallet:** ability to set on-chain transaction fees ([236d01b](, closes [#1754]( * **wallet:** add lndconnect qrcode to receive modal ([f6b9c1d](, closes [#1145]( * **wallet:** full support for lndconnect links ([ee6c27e](, closes [#1147]( * **wallet:** set default currency to sats ([d4b28c0]( * **wallet:** show confirmations in transaction detail ([9f6e9b4](, closes [#1686]( * **wallet:** support bitcoin payment uris (bip-21) ([9aa9981](, closes [#1692]( ### Performance Improvements * **ui:** improve channel list rendering ([bc0a6c6]( * **ui:** use persistent tabs in channel management ([332e47f]( * **ui:** use react virtualized in channel card list ([e25434a](, closes [#1537]( * **ui:** use react virtualized in channel summary list ([98ab188](