Zap Desktop 0.3.3 Beta

### Bug Fixes * **btc:** remove unnecessary price parameters ([498f76d](, closes [#1333]( * **btc:** use correct parameter when converting from millisats to fiat ([5292312](, closes [#1322]( * **deps:** deps: update dependency bolt11 to fix uppercase parsing ([7cc3938]( * **deps:** update dependency downshift to v3.1.12 ([#1265]( ([002f476]( * **deps:** update dependency electron to v4 ([#1137]( ([c73fbc7]( * **deps:** update dependency electron to v4.0.1 ([#1249]( ([8b80b37]( * **deps:** update dependency qrcode.react to v0.9.1 ([#1183]( ([9a5a798]( * **deps:** update dependency qrcode.react to v0.9.2 ([#1237]( ([2bdfecb]( * **deps:** update dependency react-spring to v7.2.7 ([#1197]( ([4db1bb0]( * **deps:** update dependency react-spring to v7.2.8 ([#1252]( ([eab3ed6]( * **deps:** update react monorepo to v16.7.0 ([#1132]( ([cc00902]( * **i18n:** add intl support for activity header ([5044783]( * **i18n:** ensure modal help link is translatable ([05d9e07](, closes [#1271]( * **lnd:** fix describe network fetching ([44dfc67]( * **network:** add fiat amount to channel form ([1b7a346]( * **onboarding:** better categorize macaroon error ([092a1da]( * **onboarding:** handle btcpayserver connection issues ([3f9ad09]( * **onboarding:** handle host/cert errors on boot ([b41caa9](, closes [#1215]( * **onboarding:** properly identify macaroon errors ([3596f18]( * **payment:** timeout payment requests after 60 seconds ([368c814]( * **security:** disable electron node integration ([ae2103a](, closes [#29]( * **startup-fetch-activity:** fetch activity history when grpc is ready ([b655252](, closes [#1193]( * **style:** ensure modal covers full page ([7ce3333]( * **ui:** add autofocus to search input field ([a4ab318]( * **ui:** add pointer cursor to submenu headers ([40a66ac]( * **ui:** don't show angle icon for logout link ([586ef4f](, closes [#1242]( * **ui:** ensure error messages are visible ([af86dd0](, closes [#1206]( * **ui:** ensure main content area is scrollable ([8586c7e]( * **ui:** ensure menu can overflow main content ([37b5a3e](, closes [#1328]( * **ui:** ensure settings menu closes properly ([16e4260](, closes [#1242]( * **ui:** homepage layout glitch ([e24c4c8](, closes [#1245]( * **ui:** implement invoice status update in request modal ([b310305]( * **ui:** improve english grammar on sync page ([1707e28](, closes [#1204]( * **ui:** increase qrcode size for easier scanning ([a0f043f](, closes [#1263]( * **ui:** left-align column text ([cf95c8f]( * **ui:** loading screen flicker on wallet start ([3c74c03]( * **ui:** make modal scrollable ([ecde62b]( * **ui:** reword blockchain syncing message ([26a8921]( * **ui:** set global error z-index to 99999 ([f109880]( * **ui:** vertically centre settings menu icons ([4c8d7bd](, closes [#1242]( * **wallet:** add fiat amount to request summary ([58bba03]( * **wallet:** handle invoices with msat amounts ([d47bad6](, closes [#1273]( * **wallet:** phots to ltc conversion ([71320c9](, closes [#1345]( * **wallet:** satoshi to millisatoshi conversion ([f838df2](, closes [#1332]( * **wallet:** show as unconfirmed transactions ([6959f26](, closes [#1344]( * **wallet:** support uppercase payment requests ([f6c6b23](, closes [#1266]( * **wallet:** update invoice modal style ([487d0d5](, closes [#1143]( * **wallet:** update payment modal style ([eb8bcc1](, closes [#1144]( * **wallet:** update transaction modal style ([0532d88](, closes [#1142]( [#1141]( ### Performance Improvements * **activity:** use purecomponent for activity list item and extract it ([ccc4e03]( * **app:** remove irrelevant to render state vars ([9c8ba2d]( * **boot:** load files asynchronously ([6d22a53](