Zap Desktop 0.3.0 Beta

### Bug Fixes * **activity:** ensure activity dates are correct ([2bb7c79](, closes [#1120]( * **activity:** ensure transaction amount shows ([efd38c3]( * **add-channel:** dont remove input text ([8949572]( * **app:** ensure single app instance ([e3c13de](, closes [#229]( * **boot:** issue with fetching user settings ([9b7b972]( * **boot:** only save wallet after unlocking ([1127375]( * **channels:** fetch balance on receiving channels ([3006ae4](, closes [#939]( * **channels:** handle suggested nodes load failure ([5622952](, closes [#392]( * **channels:** refresh channel details on update ([91a5532](, closes [#724]( * **deps:** pin dependencies ([b5e2480]( * **deps:** pin dependency [@grpc]( to 0.3.2 ([#994]( ([2da759a]( * **deps:** update dependency downshift to v3.1.5 ([0c7a477]( * **deps:** update dependency downshift to v3.1.6 ([#1064]( ([33e997d]( * **deps:** update dependency downshift to v3.1.7 ([#1089]( ([2173194]( * **deps:** update dependency electron to v3.0.10 ([#976]( ([0127c04]( * **deps:** update dependency electron to v3.0.11 ([#1063]( ([a698b76]( * **deps:** update dependency electron to v3.0.12 ([#1095]( ([68189c4]( * **deps:** update dependency electron to v3.0.13 ([#1110]( ([6cffbfd]( * **deps:** update dependency informed to v1.10.12 ([#1023]( ([feff0d1]( * **deps:** update dependency informed to v1.10.9 ([#977]( ([f8c3281]( * **deps:** update dependency rc-menu to v7.4.20 ([#978]( ([a90459c]( * **deps:** update dependency react-intl-redux to v2.1.0 ([#1094]( ([3e005b1]( * **deps:** update dependency react-redux to v5.1.1 ([#980]( ([9b631cc]( * **deps:** update dependency react-spring to v6.1.10 ([#981]( ([b27f252]( * **deps:** update dependency react-spring to v7 ([#1071]( ([84ca905]( * **deps:** update dependency react-spring to v7.1.0 ([f189277]( * **deps:** update dependency react-spring to v7.1.3 ([#1086]( ([9e23bb5]( * **deps:** update dependency redux-electron-ipc to v1.2.0 ([#983]( ([68de547]( * **deps:** update dependency split2 to v3.1.0 ([#1092]( ([56a599b]( * **deps:** update dependency styled-components to v4.1.2 ([#987]( ([b3c874d]( * **deps:** update dependency styled-components to v4.1.3 ([#1105]( ([f4397e7]( * **deps:** update dependency styled-reset to v1.6.1 ([#988]( ([9785e66]( * **deps:** update dependency styled-reset to v1.6.2 ([#1034]( ([954cdae]( * **deps:** update dependency styled-reset to v1.6.3 ([#1100]( ([fb3ad21]( * **deps:** update dependency validator to v10.9.0 ([#989]( ([4286dcd]( * **deps:** update react monorepo to v16.6.3 ([#990]( ([57d5c66]( * **electron:** addlow DEBUG_PROD in production builds ([ab8a55a]( * **electron:** clean up and fix app quit process ([9db0c98]( * **electron:** include preload.js in production build ([cc25ad6](, closes [#1107]( * **error:** ensure global error appears on top ([97243d1]( * **form:** ensure amount > 0 when required ([a8c5a2d]( * **home:** display wallet name consistently ([a8b91f7](, closes [#1011]( * **home:** do not mutate autopilot allocation ([df51d40]( * start app in onboarding state ([dcb61f6](, closes [#1108]( * **home:** redirect to home after deleting wallet ([4190fd1](, closes [#1012]( * **home:** show connection errors ([a77cab2]( * **i18n:** extract-messages for all supported languages ([655ceb0]( * **i18n:** notification translatability ([05f3d08]( * **invoice:** include route hints for local nodes ([27dc4cd]( * **lnd:** show error on problem connecting to lnd ([0660801]( * **lnd:** use static ports for production builds ([1a5da16]( * **logout:** reset app state on logout ([0577b59](, closes [#944]( * **main:** fix url parsing issue with lightning links ([a9da2b0]( * **network:** always show channel balances ([f63407d]( * **notifications:** disable channel notifications ([9af8a89](, closes [#879]( * **onboarding:** launch onboarding if no wallets ([417d6ff]( * **onboarding:** reset onboarding each time its started ([130521e]( * **pay:** allow sending without route info ([9807dec](, closes [#1048]( * **pay:** ensure lightning: links validate ([d0e128d](, closes [#1006]( * **readme:** update screenshot to current designs ([#1009]( ([6ed22fc]( * **redux:** dont mutate network data ([f6de9a6]( * **seed:** only highlight seed after success ([ad0ea70](, closes [#938]( * **state:** do not mutate redux state ([e5ee37d](, closes [#1120]( * **storybook:** fix storybook errors ([aa97d38]( * **storybook:** set fetchingSeed when generating seed ([53a2eb3]( * **strings:** typo & grammar fix ([fcc67cf]( * **styles:** clean up and standardize buttons ([06b1d27](, closes [#830]( * **styles:** clean up and standardize icons ([e595acb]( * **styles:** clean up global error style ([ae19294]( * **sync:** ensure grpc active before leaving sync ([20c8d96]( * **sync:** progress bar only consider remaining sync ([674cf81]( * **syncing:** add link to support site when resyncing ([5d620e6]( * **ticker:** use Coinbase API to fetch fiat ticker ([227afbc](, closes [#815]( * **ui:** autohide scrollbars ([95b352c]( * **ui:** disable spellcheck in payreq fields ([76e7eee]( * **ui:** ensure settings menu shows on top ([8325385]( * **ui:** improve tooltip styles ([1005210](, closes [#966]( * **ui:** improve transitions in pay flow ([4431739]( * **ui:** make Range component more configurable ([cb518fd]( * **ui:** only highlight field once touched ([8c2f417]( * **ui:** strip trailing zeros from currency values ([dd7115d]( * load wallet settings from store ([e2bbd66](, closes [#1108]( * **utils:** dont pass non-whole num to toBitcoin() ([be14d3b]( * **wallet:** add all new invoices to invoice list ([a24d459](, closes [#912]( * **wallet:** determine currency before display ([2424ee1]( * **wallet:** display wallet name in settings menu ([088d4d1]( * **wallet:** ensure describe network on timer ([c0922a4]( * **wallet:** ensure wallet info saves correctly ([91488d9]( * **wallet:** improve fee estimate presentation ([a577cdf]( * **wallet:** improve fee estimate presentation ([6e7018f]( * **wallet:** increase invoice fetch count to 1000 ([fc8e74b](, closes [#911]( * **wallet:** load suggested nodes on Root mount ([1185a43](, closes [#943]( * **wallet:** save seed in wallet import ([2c68ec6](, closes [#1117]( * **wallet:** set chain / network from node info ([3cfddc9]( * do not assume chain on boot ([e282bda]( * **wallet:** support deleting invalid wallet ([4f65708]( * **wallet:** ucfirst error strings ([c218e6a]( * reduce main bundle size (exclude locale data) ([1910da5]( * **webpack:** use cross platform path.resolve ([d34fcea]( * **windows:** ensure yarn dev works on windows ([1eda172]( ### Features * **crypto:** add utility methods for lnd data ([b18d08b]( * **grpc:** use [@grpc]( grpc implementation ([be7ed5b](, closes [#951]( * **home:** add logout link in wallet menu ([23c897f]( * **home:** disable submit when unlocking wallet ([118438e]( * **home:** display wallet config on settings page ([2dfecff]( * **home:** implement new Home screen ([25d3b36]( * **home:** implement No Wallets screen ([d5b4340]( * **i18n:** add i18n support to storybook ([64c8b0c]( * **i18n:** multilingual support for UI components ([b850cd8]( * **invoice:** support zero amount invoices ([f9c272d](, closes [#1046]( * **litecoin:** ability to detect onchain addresses ([86fbdc7]( * **litecoin:** add litecoin block explorer links ([fe0afb6]( * **litecoin:** patch bolt11 to support litecoin ([3a103c7]( * **litecoin:** remove bitcoin specific language ([69f358b]( * **litecoin:** support litecoin currency conversions ([b18c5a8]( * **lnd:** enable alternate btcd host ([92a7854]( * **lnd:** log and display queryroute errors ([6977f2b]( * **lnd:** support numRoutes in queryroutes ([a5d2e0a]( * **lnd:** update lnd to v0.5-beta-247-g68d96488 ([b2cd906]( * **lnd:** update lnd to v0.5-beta-302-gb6009850 ([b7bb5c1]( * **lndconnect:** basic support for lndconnect links ([d9ea0ff]( * **lndconnect:** initiate lndconnect from home page ([66ee212]( * **migration:** import wallets from fs ([bc2aba6]( * **modal:** add help link in modal header ([998ecc4]( * **network:** fetch node data on backoff schedule ([d344425]( * **network:** show connected peers first ([4b0d156]( * **onboarding:** allow setting wallet name ([140adc9](, closes [#1025]( * **onboarding:** implement new Onboarding process ([f445c53]( * **rest:** enable LND restlisten ([#996]( ([7a69af1]( * **settings:** use indexedDb for persistent data ([ccf315b]( * **storybook:** build our storybook cover page ([2d21e3a]( * **ui:** add Background component ([2a7780b]( * **ui:** add Bar component ([ea646fd]( * **ui:** add Button component ([4e4ef61]( * **ui:** add Dropdown component ([b552aa6]( * **ui:** add Fiat/Crypto amount field components ([0363599]( * **ui:** Add Form component ([6f9ff91]( * **ui:** add Form components ([524627d]( * **ui:** add Header component ([5386687]( * **ui:** add Icon component ([7a393d3]( * **ui:** add LightningInvoiceInput component ([e64314c]( * **ui:** add Menu components ([cfd9f7a]( * **ui:** add Modal component ([fd79879]( * **ui:** add Notification component ([dd3adec]( * **ui:** add Page/MainContent/Sidebar components ([81f8b2d]( * **ui:** add Panel component ([0135118]( * **ui:** add Pay components ([fcafdec]( * **ui:** add QRCode component ([54c790d]( * **ui:** add Request components ([967a03d]( * **ui:** add simplified Countdown component ([01e2bd7]( * **ui:** add Spinner component ([ab68b9a]( * **ui:** add status indicator to settings menu ([aa70a99]( * **ui:** add StatusIndicator component ([1f38534]( * **ui:** add storybook ([3100d29]( * **ui:** add theme modules ([32bba0d]( * **ui:** Add Truncate component ([2d9493b]( * **ui:** add Typography components ([eddd3cb]( * **ui:** add warning about keeping seed private ([d0cf768](, closes [#522]( * **ui:** add Wizard component ([5c28b72]( * **ui:** enhancements and fixes for UI components ([d5ce448]( * **ui:** integrate new request forms ([b2aa390]( * **util:** bolt11 wrapper to add defaults ([9373984]( * **ux:** auto focus on inputs in startup flow ([7af24d1]( * **wallet:** apply fastest fee for onchain txs ([210ceae]( * **wallet:** apply fee limit for offchain txs ([62c7f1a]( * **wallet:** delete wallet from filesystem ([9d33a0e]( * **wallet:** implement new pay forms ([2b80ae7]( * **wallet:** require confirm before deleting wallet ([3779835]( * **wallet:** show sending payments in activity list ([dc632db]( * **wallet:** use block explorer ([05a29a6](, closes [#901]( * **wallets:** ability to reset autopilot settings ([f9661ec]( * add Radio and RadioGroup components ([a2c072e]( * **wallets:** add support for wallet names ([e01645b]( * update lnd to v0.5.1-beta ([05eff40]( ### Performance Improvements * **boot:** open wallet as soon as grpc active ([c082f8a]( * **boot:** reduce duplicate grpc calls ([9a90c7a]( * **devtools:** strip large data from devtools ([7121a8e]( * **grpc:** debounce channel fetching ([8e0fe7c]( * **grpc:** throttle calls to fetch channels ([44fa70c]( * **init:** initialise wallets from db early ([3f27295]( * **redux:** don't store channel edges ([9a0ae0a](