Week of Thursday, Sep 01

project release date
BTC Pay Server v1.6.10

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Wallet Transactions screen not loading in case of older payout labels (#4078) @Kukks
  • Fix missing route hints for LNURL (#4077) @dennisreimann
  • Fix API Docs url (#4061) @dennisreimann
  • Fix Pay button logo and url (#4054) @dennisreimann
python-bitcoinlib python-bitcoinlib-v0.11.2
  • Fixed one remaining use of OpenSSL for RIPEMD-160
python-bitcoinlib python-bitcoinlib-v0.11.1
  • Pure-python RIPEMD-160, for newer versions of OpenSSL without RIPEMD-160 support.
  • Signet support