c-lightning: v0.6.1

Highlights for c-lightning users

  • Less stuck payments: Liveness ping test before locking up funds with peers.
  • Better routing: now considers size of channels.
  • Fewer spurious closes: fee estimate improvements, and new feerates command
  • Several annoying bugs fixed.

Highlights for the network

  • Gossipd now less spammy with channel_update.
  • option_data_loss_protect to protect peers against being out-of-date.
  • Payment errors now refer to the correct channel.

Internal Improvements

  • Simplified client flow; after init message exchange by connectd, each is isolated in its own daemon.
  • JSON parameter handling vastly simplfied.
  • Python testing framework now uses proper fixtures, and split into separate files.
  • Many other cleanups and clarifications.
  • We keepachangelog.com!

The details can be found in the CHANGELOG.