Week of Thursday, May 16

project release date
ledger-live-common v5.9.1 2019-05-15
ledger-live-common v5.9.0 2019-05-15
ledger-live-common v5.8.0 2019-05-14
ledger-live-common v5.7.0 2019-05-13
ledger-live-common v5.6.0 2019-05-12
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.104 2019-05-15
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.103 2019-05-12
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.102 2019-05-12
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.101 2019-05-12
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.100 2019-05-12
type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0158 Fix pseudocode on bip-0158 2019-05-14 Closed
bip bip-0158 BIP 158: kill off remnants of filter type 0x01. 2019-05-13 New PR
bip bip-0144 BIP 144: Old serialization format must be used on empty witness 2019-05-13 New PR
bip bip-0049 Update bip-0049.mediawiki 2019-05-11 Update
bip bip-0001 Create repository for translate Brazilian Portuguese BIP001 2019-05-10 Update
bolt X Move founds before closing channel 2019-05-15 New Issue
bolt peer protocol BOLT2: past fulfillment deadline fails channel 2019-05-15 Update
bolt X Specify tlv format 2019-05-15 Update
bolt onchain BOLT5: Unify two practically redundant paragraphs 2019-05-14 Update
bolt onion routing bolt04: Multi-frame sphinx onion routing proposal 2019-05-14 Update
bolt onion routing BOLT 4: Merge final_expiry_too_soon into incorrect_or_unknown_payment 2019-05-13 Update
bolt onchain BOLT 5: Homogenize Local/Remote Commitment 2019-05-13 Merged
bolt X tools: update CSV generator to output fields for tlv's and subtypes 2019-05-13 Update
bolt X Onion format variation a-la @roasbeef (vs #593) 2019-05-13 Update
bolt routing gossip BOLT7: extend channel range queries with optional fields 2019-05-10 Update
bolt routing gossip [WIP] BOLT 7: Inventory-based gossip 2019-05-10 Update
bolt peer protocol BOLT2, BOLT3: reduce attack surface 2019-05-10 Closed
bolt onion routing BOLT 04: update test vectors 2019-05-10 Merged
bolt onion routing BOLT 4: fix onion test vectors 2019-05-10 Merged
slip X Add ECCoin 2019-05-16 Merged
slip X Add VBank coin 2019-05-16 Update
slip X Add VBank Coin 2019-05-16 Closed
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: Add zPrime (ZPM) 2019-05-16 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add STASH 2019-05-15 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: Add Matrix AI (MAN) 2019-05-14 Merged
slip X Added CoinType for HBAR native currency of Hedera Hashgraph 2019-05-14 Merged
slip X Add Ardor 2019-05-14 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add NTY 2019-05-13 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: Add Nervos CKB 2019-05-13 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: Add V Systems (VSYS) 2019-05-13 Merged
slip X Add ArrowChain 2019-05-13 Merged
slip slip-0044 Add PRKL to SLIP-0044 @ ID 667 2019-05-13 Merged
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md 2019-05-12 Merged