Week of Thursday, Jul 18

project release date
libwally-core release_0.7.3
  • Exposed ECDH
  • Added py3.7 x86_64 linux wheels to released artifacts
  • Updated JS bindings to support latest nodejs
  • Doc typos and bug fixing.


zap-desktop v0.5.1-beta

Bug Fixes

  • backups: do not throw skip backup error (dcd3863), closes #2571
  • deps: update all lodash variants to 4.17.14 (ed65548)
  • deps: update dependency informed to v2.11.7 (c647ec9)
  • deps: update lnd-grpc to v0.3.0-4 (98c9c89)
  • grpc: forward grpc options to getInfo (1044004)
  • i18n: ensure translation files are available (07bab24), closes #2539
  • readme: no shitcoins (43bc531)
  • readme: update screenshot of app (9795054)
  • ui: adjust sidebar variant widths (6652791)
  • ui: display correct invoice expire time (8ddc974), closes #2547
  • ui: ensure MainContent fills horizontal space (a2c47c5)
  • ui: ensure Sidebar always ontop of MainContent (5f993f1)
  • ui: implement wallet creation error handling (dfe5bcd)
  • wallet: add 1 sat buffer to fee limits (c35678b)
  • wallet: ensure routes extract from queryroutes (618ca53)
  • wallet: improve handling of invalid invoices (133aa16)
  • wallet: update suggested-peers api uri (ee2bbe0)
  • wallet: validate currency amounts as numbers (068e812)
ledger-live-common v7.7.1
  • Fixes "NetworkDown" to properly uses the wording (and similarly, any error that throws inside sync was accidentally obfuscated)
  • ZEC explorer op view to use https://chain.so
  • BTC testnet explorer op view to use blockcypher
  • failsafe to ensure there is never dup accounts after an add account (mainly for mobile)
ledger-live-common v7.7.0
  • Fixes "NetworkDown" to properly uses the wording (and similarly, any error that throws inside sync was accidentally obfuscated)
  • ZEC explorer op view to use https://chain.so
  • BTC testnet explorer op view to use blockcypher
  • failsafe to ensure there is never dup accounts after an add account (mainly for mobile)
ledger-live-common v7.6.4
  • @ledgerhq/compressjs@1.3.2
ledger-live-common v7.6.3
  • @ledgerhq/compressjs@1.3.1
ledger-live-common v7.6.2
  • fork compressjs to @ledgerhq/compressjs instead of branch github dep
ledger-live-common v7.6.1
  • update latest erc20 data
ledger-live-common v7.6.0
  • rename nonce to salt
  • add migrateAccounts
ledger-live-common v7.5.0
  • enable ethereum_classic update for bridge (used by mobile)
  • update redux@4.0.4
ledger-live-common v7.4.0
  • Qtum segwit + bugfixes
  • Fixes scanAccountsOnDevice to interrupt everything on unsubscribe
  • update lodash and redux
  • Fixes HTTP layer to not parse/serialize JSON to avoid number problems
Samurai Wallet 0.99.82

sha256 hash: 8cf7858e10d908e288b9846c067a0396f538a6b67effcbc8fed8f1dfaca4ffe5

*** stealth launch, remote commands, SIM switch detection removed until further notice ***

Pair Samourai to Dojo (create wallet) Spend from post-mix Whirlpool PayNym UI updated Whirlpool GUI pairing Tor support for additional architectures New network screen UI New balance screen UI Tor integrated in-app, Tor #Cahoots Easter Egg: 2-wallet coinjoins: Stowaway (payjoin spend), STONEWALLx2 Display transaction entropy pre-spend PayNym: 1-touch "refund" & "pay again" nLockTime staggered Ricochet label your utxos Stowaway on testnet: 2-wallet coinjoin testbed (PayJoin/P2EP) updated fee selection updated spend & receive UI sign messages from Address Calculator txTenna integration bitcoin only, no fiat fx PayNym may use Segwit addresses offline mode address calculation tools PayNym address calculation tool updated receive screen updated transaction sequence: compose-sign-broadcast display wallet amounts by address type full BIP84/bech32 support STONEWALL spend Ricochet 2.0 multi-hop spend sweep BIP84 (Bech32) & BIP49 (P2SH-P2WPKH) private keys displays YPUB of BIP49 account, ZPUB of BIP84 account OXT transaction view batch send improved fee selection & display support for PayNym.is BIP47 payment code directory optional setting: like-typed outputs (better privacy) vs all segwit outputs (lower fees) block utxo of non-broadcast transactions push any signed transaction (hex format) via 'broadcast transaction hex' in settings sign messages with Segwit (P2SH-P2WPKH) privkey like-typed inputs (p2pkh or segwit) will match type of outputs (wallet balance permitting) real time alert if wallet is being "dusted" (ie. incoming tx >546 & <1000) all utxo are now "blockable" and will not be spent if so marked optionally show redeem script of Segwit utxo full support for Segwit (P2SH-P2WPKH) Mule tools (offline transactions) balance & utxo via Samourai backend API fork detection read, validate, sweep OpenDime Segwit & UASF block explorers new metadata format improved wallet recovery UI/UX 0-fee tx possible using trusted node Custom fee lower limit now 1 sat/b Sign messages w/ any utxo privkey Exchange rate modifs (replace Bitcoin Average by Bitfinex) Updated launch icon Optionally show privkey of utxo Opt-in RBF (replace-by-fee) CPFP (child-pays-for-parent) for unconfirmed sent transactions CPFP (child-pays-for-parent) for unconfirmed received transactions display up-to-date miners' fees allow custom fee on spend PoW check when using trusted node spend via preferred trusted full node UTXO list dynamic fee for BIP47 notif tx

BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.124 2019-07-15
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.123 2019-07-13
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.122 2019-07-12
BTC Pay Server v1.0.3.121 2019-07-12
ptarmigan v0.2.3
  • REST APIs need API Token
  • update DB version
    • -70
  • update library
    • mbed TLS 2.16.2
    • bitcoinj v0.15.2
  • some bug fix
type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0155 BIP 155: addrv2 BIP proposal 2019-07-18 Update
bip bip-0143 BIP 143: Remove duplicated 'the' 2019-07-18 Update
bip bip-0173 BIP 173: Remove duplicated 'the' 2019-07-18 New PR
bip X Update english.txt 2019-07-14 Closed
bolt X BOLT #7: receiving node requirements related to timestamp for channel_update message 2019-07-18 Merged
bolt routing gossip BOLT7: extend channel range queries with optional fields 2019-07-18 Update
bolt X TLV testcases 2019-07-18 Update
bolt routing gossip BOLT 7: update interpretation of `complete` field within query messages 2019-07-18 Update
bolt transport BOLT-08: replace RFC 7539 with RFC 8439 2019-07-18 New Issue
bolt routing gossip BOLT 07: delay announcement_signatures by max(6, min_depth) confs 2019-07-17 Update
bolt routing gossip BOLT7: Signing channel updates with the same timestamp may get you bl… 2019-07-17 Closed
bolt X [RFC] Push Invoices 2019-07-17 Update
bolt payment encoding BOLT11: Clarification on n field 2019-07-17 Merged
bolt onion routing BOLT 4, 9, 11: Base Atomic Multipath Payments. 2019-07-17 Closed
bolt X tools: update CSV generator to output fields for tlv's and subtypes 2019-07-17 Update
bolt messaging BOLT 1: Add a TLV stream extension to existing messages. 2019-07-17 Update
bolt routing gossip BOLT07: don't send historical updates for gossip_timestamp_filter 2019-07-16 Update
bolt messaging BOLT01: swap CompactSize for BigSize in TLV format 2019-07-16 Update
bolt X Feature bit unification and renaming 2019-07-15 Update
bolt X Added Internal Link to Glossary 2019-07-15 Merged
bolt onchain BOLT 5 : data_loss let you salvage received HTLC on remote commitment 2019-07-12 Closed
bolt onion routing BOLT 04: Add failure code for invalid payload. 2019-07-12 Update
slip slip-0039 SLIP-0039: having weight on some share? 2019-07-18 Closed
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md 2019-07-18 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add VESTX 2019-07-17 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add ZVC 2019-07-15 Merged
slip slip-0044 Assign bip-044 number to Skycoin 2019-07-14 Update
slip slip-0039 SLIP-0039: Need for Key Generation Date (aka Birthday) 2019-07-12 Closed
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md (Adding SnowGem) 2019-07-12 Update
slip X Add cruzbit 2019-07-12 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add MED 2019-07-12 Merged