Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #163

Issue #163 - November 18, 2019

Stratum v2 is here! Bitcoin Minimalism, price vs value, a new multisig coordination tool. LN Node security, altcoin valuation and history of Crypto exchanges.
Stratum v2 greatly decentralizes mining. Dan Held on the minimalist philosophy of BTC. Rhythmtrader on price not reflecting value for bitcoin. Insightful article from Coinbase about Proof-of-work. Caravan is a multisig coordinator tool from Unchained Capital.

Stratum v2
Bitcoin Minimalism
Bitcoin's Price vs Value
Coinbase's reasoning on confirmations
Caravan Announcement

devrandom publishes a guide to Lightning node security. Nice tool to look at lightning channels on the network.

LN Node security
Lightning channels

My article on altcoin valuation (hint: it's the marketing). Meltem with more thoughts on Crypto being alchemy. Nomics publishes a history of crypto exchanges.

On Altcoin Valuation
Crypto is modern Alchemy
History of Crypto Exchanges

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some videos this week. Sign up for Programming Blockchain Las Vegas Feb. 20-21, 2020! My books are available in print on Amazon!

WCN Interview
Tech Talk Q&A
PB Las Vegas
The Little Bitcoin Book is available on Amazon
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon

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