Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #127

Issue #127 - Mar 11, 2019

Some mailing list catch-up like soft fork cleanup, signet, PBST extensions. Privacy of Bitcoin, useful Schnorr implementation and data format. Lnd rebalancing and running LN on a NAS.
Matt Corallo proposes a cleanup softfork for a lot of unused op codes. Kalle Alm has a testnet that would not be PoW mined, convenient for testing. Andrew Poelstra proposes some extensions to partially signed transactions. HRF on how private Bitcoin is. More articles from Bitcoin Developer Network.

Cleanup Softfork BIP
Signet discussion
PBST extensions
How private is Bitcoin?
JS implementation of Schnorr BIP
Data format for Bitcoin Core

nvk completes a LN transaction over Ham Radio. You can rebalance lnd channels automatically. Run a LN node on a NAS.

Transaction over Ham Radio
Rebalance lnd
Run a LN on a Synology NAS

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
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Apathy and Market Bottom
Academic Skepticism
Books for understanding BTC better
Updating hardware wallet firmware
Tech Talk Q&A
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