Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #132

Issue #132 - April 15, 2019

Understanding Bitcoin highlights, BTC-based Patreon competitor, LN history, lnd-admin, LN limitations, LN-based exchange on Mainnet, Automated Market-making.
Understanding Bitcoin highlights. LibrePatron is a BTC-based competitor to Patreon.

Demos from Understanding Bitcoin

Aaron van Werdum logs the history of Lightning. lnd has a web UI. Alex Bosworth on the limitations of lightning. SparkSwap is a LN-based exchange now in Beta.

History of Lightning
Lightning Limitations
SparkSwap on Mainnet

Other: announces Automated Market Making, a genuinely new way to make money by providing liquidity.

AMM blog post
Automated Market Making Whitepaper

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
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Bitcoin Tech Talk Q&A
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