Test Taproot and don't go to North Korea! Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #165

Issue #165 - December 2, 2019

A great way to test Taproot. Objective metrics on Core software improvement. Proof of Nakamoto Consensus, Rebroadcasting Txs and Watchtower BIP. US Citizen, North Korea and Crypto.
Jupyter notebooks for those that want to play with Taproot without compiling! How much has the Bitcoin software improved? BitMex provides nice metrics. Proof that Nakamoto consensus works in a new paper. Rebroadcasting talk.

Colab for Taproot
Initial Block Download times
Nakamoto Consensus Paper
Rebroadcasting Transactions Talk Transcript

Watchtower protocol has a standardized BIP. A nice way to explain lightning and all its components.

Watchtower BIP
Why does Lightning Matter?

Virgil Griffith gets in trouble.

DOJ complaint
Legal analysis

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some videos this week. Sign up for Programming Blockchain Las Vegas Feb. 20-21, 2020! My books are available in print on Amazon! Little Bitcoin Book is available on Audible!

Bitcoin Brief
O'Reilly Interview
Tech Talk Q&A
PB Las Vegas
The Little Bitcoin Book is available on Amazon
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon
The Little Bitcoin Book on Audible

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