Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #125

Issue #125 - Feb 25, 2019

Tao of BTC dev. libbitcoin, message signing BIP, LN on RPi, how to make a routing node, eclaire mobile is bi-directional and BTC forks have inflated market caps.
Article on bitcoin development in general. libbitcoin FAQ and a new BIP proposal for general message signing.

Tao of Bitcoin Development
libbitcoin primer
Message signing format BIP

Lightning on Pi! Getting started making a Lightning routing node. Why the future of Lightning is you and Eclaire Mobile is now bi-directional.

Routing node starter pack
Future of Lightning is You
Eclaire Mobile can now receive

Some research suggests most BTC forks have artificially high market caps.

Inflated market caps of BTC forks

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
A bunch of short videos I did this past week. My book is available on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to New York!

Good Riddance ICO Conferences
Hardware Wallets in Bitcoin Core
Banking Slave Mentality
What is JPM Coin?
Tech Talk Q&A
Programming Bitcoin is available for pre-order on Amazon!
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