Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #139

Issue #139 - June 3, 2019

Bandwidth-efficient TX relay, UTXO snapshots, Taproot/Schnorr summary. Making LN web apps and LN for exchanges.
Pieter Wuille has a new paper out on using bandwidth efficiently in Bitcoin. There's a clever way to hedge against mining difficulty changes. Using goTenna to get decentralization in the last mile. Proposal to snapshot UTXOs to make running full nodes easier. Nice summary of Taproot/Schnorr from Galaxy Research. Great summary of Bitcoin price and what affects it.

Efficient TX relay
On Chain Hedging of Mining Difficulty
Last mile decentralization
AssumeUTXO proposal
Taproot and Schnorr Research
21 levers of Bitcoin Price

Part 2 of 5 in a Lightning web app tutorial. A series on using Lightning for exchanges and Tether coming to Lightning.

Making a LN web app 2/5
Lightning 101 for Exchanges Series
Tether on LN?

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some videos I did this week. Tech Talk Q&A. My book is available in print on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to San Francisco!

Bitcoin and Vices: Sloth
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