Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #147

Issue #147 - July 29, 2019

Bitcoin advantages over everything else. Monitor your LN node, learn about eltoo and set up your own watchtower!
What gives Bitcoin an advantage over almost everything else? How are Libra and BItcoin different? A good explanation of what Bitcoin Maximalism is. A good list of articles/books for varying levels of Bitcoin explanation. New column from Parker Lewis about the economic aspects of Bitcoin.

Importance of settlement
Libra vs Bitcoin
Bitcoin Maximalism
Bitcoin Content Consumption Curve
Gradually then suddenly

Easy Lightning Network monitoring! Gemini breaks down what eltoo is. Set up your own watchtower.

eltoo explanation
Watchtower setup instructions

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
My book is available in print on Amazon!

Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon!

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