BSV planning blockchain theft! Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #168

Issue #168 - December 23, 2019

Bitcoin tech advances in BItcoin! Why hash rates are the way they are in double-sha256 coins. Taproot improvements to LN. Why exchanges delist coins.
Aaron van Wirdum with a summary of all the advancements in 2019. Binance Research on the current double SHA256 coins and why the hash rate is divided the way it is. Dollar Cost Averaging available now to Canadians! Dergigi on Bitcoin's Eternal Struggle.

Bitcoin Tech Year in Review Part 1
Binance on hash rate allocation
Bull Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging Tool
Bitcoin's Eternal Struggle

Lightning and Taproot Discussion. Faking LN to foil Chain analysis.

How Taproot can be used in LN
LN fake txs to fool chain analysis

My article on exchange delistings. BitGo will no longer support BSV. CoinFloor to go BTC only. BSV hard fork steals funds.

Why Exchanges Delist Coins
BitGo and BSV
CoinFloor Delisting everything but BTC
BSV Hard Fork Details

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some videos/podcasts this week. Sign up for Programming Blockchain Las Vegas Feb. 20-21, 2020! My books are available in print on Amazon! Little Bitcoin Book is available on Audible!

Debate with David Gerard
Daily Brief with Tone
Forklog Interview
Tech Talk Q&A
PB Las Vegas
The Little Bitcoin Book is available on Amazon
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon
The Little Bitcoin Book on Audible

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