Let's Talk Bitcoin! #410 Before the Flood

Hey folks,Adam B. Levine here, just returned from the Blockchain Training Conference in Aurora Colorado. For the first time since spring of last year, the other hosts and I found ourselves face to face for three days of classes, shows, and interviews which we'll be sharing with you over the month of September as segments on the LTB show or as bonus content on the new, free subscriber feed at LTBshow.com

You can expect the flood to start with the release of next weeks episode, But today, I've just got a taste for you as I sit down live, and in-person with Jonathan Mohan to discuss our experience.

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LTB #410 was too short for me to want to include a Sponsor and Adam B. Levine and Jonathan Mohan. Music for this episode was provided by Jared Rubens. This episode was edited by Adam Levine. Any questions or comments? email adam@ltbshow.com