Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #121

Issue #121 - Jan 28, 2019

Mining Attacks? Taproot. Bitcoin Vouchers, Lightning Peach, Joule connection guide, Fake Stake attacks, Szabo's Law
Analysis of mining attacks. Taproot primer. Bitcoin Vouchers as an alternative to BTC ATMs.

Mining Attacks are overblown
Taproot and how it will benefit Bitcoin
Bitcoin Vouchers

Bitfury is investing in Lightning. Joule setup for remote LND. Nice visualization of LN by

Bitfury + Lightning Announcement
Lightning Peach
Joule to remote LND guide
Visual of the Lightning Network

Verification for PoS chains is an attack surface. Big debate about Crypto Law for Zamfir vs. Szabo.

Fake Stake attacks on PoS chains
Against Szabo's Law
In Defense of Szabo's Law

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
A bunch of short videos I did this past week. My book is available on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to London and New York!

3 Reasons ETH Keeps Having Problems
ETH Hard Fork Vulnerability
What is Grin?
Neutrino, SPV and Full Nodes
Tech Talk Q&A
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