Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #130

Issue #130 - April 1, 2019

Ethics of Money, Neutrino danger? Smart Custody of Bitcoin, LApp tutorial, Routing Fee economics and can Permissioned Blockchains really add anything?
Nicolas Dorier talks about the ethics of money and Bitcoin. Growing Bitcoin's immunity. Christopher Allen has a solid cold storage setup whitepaper.

Ethics of Money
Neutrino can be dangerous
Smart Custody Cold Storage

A Lightning App tutorial using BTCPay, c-lightning and lightning charge. Excellent research from BitMex on the Routing Fee economics.

LAPP tutorial
Routing Fee Economics

My debate with Chris Ferris and Angela Welsh at SXSW.

Permissioned vs Permission-less Blockchains

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Tech Talk Q&A video. My book is available in print on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to New York!

ICOs are a broken business model
Tech Talk Q&A
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