Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #143

Issue #143 - July 1, 2019

Bitcoin w/o internet is becoming a thing. On-chain derivative settlement. Basic answers about Bitcoin's value and running a full node. Lightning Loop In. Watchtower explanation and future improvements.
Mesh network explanation and satellite setup instructions. Digital Garage details their derivatives settlement with Blockstream on BTC. Spencer Bogart specifies why Bitcoin's so valuable to the SEC. Explaining why running a full node is a good idea. Instructions for getting on signet.

Bitcoin without internet
Bitcoin service step-by-step
Bitcoin derivatives settlement
Bitcoin's value
Why run a full node
Signet instructions

Loop In is a way to refill a lightning channel. Casa explains watchtowers. Coming improvements like eltoo in a detailed reddit post.

Loop in announcement
Download Loop In
Watchtower explanation
Coming improvements

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some videos I did this week. Tech Talk Q&A. My book is available in print on Amazon!

BlockTV interview
Real Vision Interview
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon!

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