Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #119

Issue #119 - Jan 14, 2019

Private Key History. Bitcoin's network effect. Full node on your phone. Refill LN channels. ETC 51% attack. Crypto-malware analysis.
Private Key Management evolution, Bitcoin and the network effect. A full node on your phone?

History of Private Key Management
Bitcoin winner-take-all or winner-take-most?

Thor, a LN refill service. Lightning is the base protocol for something more.

Thor, LN refill service
Lightning is TCP/IP

Interesting attack against ECDSA. ETC 51% attacked. Crypto-malware ecosystem paper. PoW change in ETH is not a good idea.

Lattice Attacks against weak ECDSA Sigs loses 40k ETC to double-spend
Malware Ecosystem Paper
PoW change cost in ETH

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
A bunch of short videos I did this past week. My book is available on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to Las Vegas and London!

Wishlist: easy coinjoin
Wishlist: Open Source Hardware Wallet
Wishlist: side chains for real
Tech Talk Q&A
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