Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #131

Issue #131 - April 8, 2019

Unchained Smart Contracts, FastSync using signed UTXO tarballs, Buy payment channels from Bitrefill, an interesting exchange using submarine swaps and what is veriblock and why is it writing so much data to the Bitcoin blockchain?
Non-sidechain, non-altcoin smart contracts based on Bitcoin (or another token). FastSync lets you sync the blockchain faster by using signed utxo tarballs. Luke-jr's funny and informative BIP for April Fool's

Unchained Smart Contracts
$50k min price soft fork BIP

You can now *buy* pre-made lightning channels from Bitrefill called Turbo Thor. Boltz is an exchange built on LN using submarine swaps. Bolt-a-thon was a LN hackathon event this past weekend.

Turbo Thor

A deep dive into Veriblock, which is what's eating a lot of the Bitcoin block space.

Veriblock deep-dive

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Video from SXSW. My book is available in print on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to New York!

Blockchain Deathmatch
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