Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #150

Issue #150 - August 19, 2019

Explaining the original Satoshi software. Do hardware wallets suck? Bootstrapped, deterministic builds now in core! LN service providers, operator guide and installation experience.
Jeremy Rubin is embarking on a project to annotate the original codebase for Bitcoin Core as Satoshi wrote it. Michael Flaxman on why hardware wallets suck. Guix, deterministic builds. Parker Lewis explains why Bitcoin isn't wasting energy and what exactly is Bitcoin's advantage over gold?

The Annotated Satoshi Codebase
Why hardware wallets suck
Guix PR
Bitcoin does not waste energy
Bitcoin's advantage over Gold

Breez explains how we can bootstrap new users no LN. Lightning Labs publishes a guide to help operators route. Circle publishes how they made their own LN node using Pierre Rochard's Node Launcher.

Lightning Service Providers
Node Operator's Guide Part 1
Lightning Node Launch Experience

Coinbase comes clean on a data leak.

Coinbase Data Leak

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
My book is available in print on Amazon!

Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon!

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