How do we add more Bitcoiners? Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #171

Issue #171 - January 13, 2020

Maximizing Bitcoiners. How to activate Taproot? Bitcoin year in review. 2nd gen BTC consumer wallet. Learning Austrian economics.
AJ Towns on funneling more people down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Mailing list discussion on the next soft fork activation. Bitcoin without the internet. Using erasure coding for bandwidth reduction. Jeremy Rubin is teaching a workshop on OP_CTV. Fidelity reviews 2019 year in Bitcoin.

Bitcoiner Maximalism
Soft Fork Activation discussion
Bitcoin without internet
Erasure Coding for bandwidth reduction
Fidelity Bitcoin 2019 review

Pine is a second generation consumer Bitcoin wallet.

Pine and Azteco integration

My review of Saifedean's class. The Stellar Foundation is getting 98% of all newly made Stellar coins.

Learning Economics
Coinmetrics on Stellar

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some videos/podcasts this week. Sign up for Programming Blockchain Las Vegas Feb. 20-21, 2020! My books are available in print on Amazon! Little Bitcoin Book is available on Audible!

Bitcoin is Antifragile
Bitcoin Tech Talk Q&A
PB Las Vegas
The Little Bitcoin Book is available on Amazon
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon
The Little Bitcoin Book on Audible

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