Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #146

Issue #146 - July 22, 2019

What does a perfect wallet have? How do you explain Bitcoin without buzzwords? If you had a million channels on LN, what could you learn?
Wasabi Wallet creator muses on what a perfect wallet should have. Explaining BTC without using buzzwords.

Quest for the perfect BTC wallet
Bitcoin is a human right

Lessons from a million channels. c-lightning 0.7.1 is out! Signet support is coming to c-lightning. Service to run LN on the cloud.

Million Channels Learnings
c-lightning 0.7.1 announcement
c-lightning 0.7.1 download
Signet coming to LN

Token Daily looks at Libra's open source code.

Libra's source code examination

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Video from a couple months ago about education. Some talks and videos from the past few months. My book is available in print on Amazon!

Teaching panel at Magical Crypto
Lessons from Teaching over 500 developers
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon!

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