Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #126

Issue #126 - Mar 4, 2019

Timewarp attacks, PGP keys as addresses. JS + Core, S15 firmware update. c-lightning has a bunch of updates. Coinbase and Coinomi have some issues.
Lopp discusses timestamps and time-warp attacks in BTC. You can use your PGP key as a bitcoin address. Learn how to use JS and Bitcoin core for development. Bitmain updates their firmware for a security vulnerability.

Bitcoin Timestamp Security
GPG as a Bitcoin address
Javascript + Bitcoin Core starting guide
Bitmain S15 firmware update

c-lightning 0.7 incorporates plugins, like exporting payments in CSV. Spark is a nice GUI for c-lightning.

C-Lightning 0.7 has plugins
Plug-in example: export payments as CSV
Spark, GUI for c-lightning

Coinbase apparently had a vendor that was selling customer data. Coinomi has some issues.

Coinbase was selling customer data??
Don't use Coinomi

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