Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #144

Issue #144 - July 8, 2019

Property regististries and DeFi in Bitcoin. Miniscript by example, atomic swaps on Liquid. A lot of LN updates and apps.
Property registries on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ways DeFi can be done on Bitcoin. Miniscript by example. You can now do atomic swaps on Liquid. Case for Bitcoin in pdf.

Property chains
DeFi for Bitcoin
Miniscript examples
Liquid Swap tool
Case for Bitcoin

Using LIquid and Lightning. New lnd and c-lightning releases. Sats back if you use Casa's LN app. Electrum is rumored to be supporting LN.

Liquid + Lightning
lnd 0.7.0-beta
c-lightning 0.7.1
electrum lightning support

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
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Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon!

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