Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #145

Issue #145 - July 15, 2019

Where are BTC's bottlenecks? Are we going to get DeFi on BTC? Why do we need BetterHash? How did Lightning come to be? What new LApps are there?
An excellent analysis of BItcoin's bottlenecks. More talk about DeFi on BTC. BetterHash and why it matters. More on multisig using Cerberus. A good reading list to learn about Austrian economics. Why Bitcoin journalism sucks.

Bitcoin Throughput Analysis
Defi Analysis on Bitcoin
BetterHash Overview
Part two of BTC Multisig for teams
Ministry of Nodes
Ponzi Scheme of BTC journos

A thorough history of payment channels. A payment LApp for traditional retailers. A Video game LApp.

History of Payment Channels
Satoshi's Games

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some talks and videos from the past few months. My book is available in print on Amazon!

What Bitcoin Did: Blockchain Revolution Myth
The Bitcoin Game Podcast
Ultimate Bull case for Bitcoin
Lessons from Teaching over 500 developers
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon!

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