Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #122

Issue #122 - Feb 4, 2019

No BTC doesn't consume crazy energy. New Bitcoin/Lightning dev resources. Bunch of interesting talks from Stanford Blockchain Conference.
About those BTC energy claims... Bitcoin Developer Network is a new resource for devs. Miniscript is a subset of Script that can be very useful. Sporks are probabilistic soft forks.

Bitcoin Energy Claims are BS
Bitcoin Developer Network 
Sporks, probabilistic Soft Forks

New site for lightning apps. HTLC discussion. State channel talk and locks using scriptless scripts.
HTLCs considered harmful
State Channels
Multi-hop locks using ECDSA scriptless scripts

Talk on threshold signatures and how they're useful.

Threshold signatures

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
A bunch of short videos I did this past week. My book is available on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to London and New York!

Lightning and Spending
How Central Banking Works
Attending your first BTC conference
Tech Talk Q&A
Programming Bitcoin is available for pre-order on Amazon!
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