Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #128

Issue #128 - Mar 18, 2019

Completely offline TX, HTLBs, Reject message deprecation? SIGHASH_NOINPUT safety, node operator statistics sharing, LN at 1000 BTC! Bitmain trouble?
You can do a BTC transaction without connecting to the internet. A new concept HTLBs which are very similar to HTLCs. Removing the "reject" message to clean up some code. Discussion on SIGHASH_NOINPUT's safety.

How to do completely offline transactions in Bitcoin
Removing the "reject" network message proposal discussion

Interesting way to figure out how to make node operators cooperate to compete in payment routing. Capacity in LN is over 1000!

Lightning Node Operator Proposal
Lighting Capacity at all time high

Bitmain is not paying suppliers, getting sued and is speculated to be in a lot of debt. Tweetstorm from Samson.

Bitmain in a lot of debt?

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
I spoke a few times at SXSW, but the videos aren't online. Tech Talk Q&A video. My book is available in print on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to New York!

Tech Talk Q&A
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