Bitcoin matters for human freedom! Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #169

Issue #169 - December 30, 2019

Why Bitcoin matters for Freedom. Arguments for s2f via backtesting and BTC via Austrian economics. LN channel rebalancing and path privacy. PoW and money as information.
Alex Gladstein makes the case for Bitcoin mattering for Freedom. Backtesting stock-to-flow. Konrad S. Graf comes back around to Bitcoin from an Austrian perspective.

Why Bitcoin matters for Freedom
s2f backtested
Code-enhanced public club governance

Proactive channel rebalancing paper. Dev list discusses path privacy attack vectors.

Proactive channel rebalancing
On Path Privacy

Dan Held on how information is intrinsic to money. Nic Carter does a deep dive into PoW incentives. As does Rory Highside from a physics perspective.

Information Theory of Money
In Support of PoW
Physics and PoW

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
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Daily Brief with Tone
Tech Talk Q&A
PB Las Vegas
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The Little Bitcoin Book on Audible

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