Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #129

Issue #129 - Mar 25, 2019

HTLCC (collateralized debt!), Jack Dorsey funding BTC development. Loop makes receiving on LN easier. Exchanges faking BTC volume.
Collateralize debt on BTC for some other chain using HTLCC. Update of BIP151 is new enough for a new BIP. Jack Dorsey is wanting to fund some open source development in Bitcoin.

Hashed Time-Locked Collateral Contract BIP
p2p Message Transport protocol v2
Square paying for open source devs

Loop is an easier way to receive money on LN. You can now get a bike rental on LN.

Loop announcement
Loop 0.1 release
Pay for a bike rental with LN

Apparently, exchanges have been faking a lot of BTC volume.

Raw data about exchanges faking volume

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
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Decentralization is binary
Marie Kondo thoughts
Authoritarianism sucks
Why businesses get big under fiat
Tech Talk Q&A
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