Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #158

Issue #158 - October 14, 2019

BTC Tx Monitor. Is Bitcoin broken? Practical Schnorr threshold signatures. Bitcoin near misses. LN features using payment points. Default fee increase on LN?
A comprehensive friendly bitcoin transaction monitor. Is everything in Bitcoin broken? Are threshold sigs in Schnorr practical? An interesting way to look at Bitcoin's price history and what it tells us. A history of near misses in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Transaction Monitor
Everything is broken
Quest for threshold Schnorr sigs
Bitcoin doesn't look back
Bitcoin near misses

Payment points are a way to enable more interesting features on LN. Should the default fees be increased?

Payment Points discussion
Argument for increasing default fees
Casa answers security concerns

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
Some videos this week. My books are available in print on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to Berlin and SF!

Understanding Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Fixes This
Capitalism is Capital Accumulation
The Little Bitcoin Book is available on Amazon
Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon
Apply for Programming Blockchain in November!

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