Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #120

Issue #120 - Jan 21, 2019

What is BTC? PoS sidechain, Invoice-less LN payments, 51% attack game theory, ETH problems and hard fork delay.
My article explaining Bitcoin at a base level. A potential PoS sidechain of BTC.

What is Bitcoin? Part 1
Proof-of-Stake Sidechain?

A way to use LN without an Invoice! Custodial Service Routing fee edge cases.

Invoice-less Payments PR
Solving for Routing Fees when using a Custodial Service

An argument for why 51% attacks will increase this year. Why ETH is flawed and why it delayed the hard fork. ICO founder reward token tracking.

51% attacks to increase?
Why ETH is flawed
Potential Reentrancy Attack delays ETH hard fork
Tracking ICO founder reward tokens

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
A bunch of short videos I did this past week. My book is available on Amazon! Programming Blockchain is coming to Las Vegas and London!

Why ETC got pwned
Tech Talk Q&A
Programming Bitcoin is available for pre-order on Amazon!
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