Bitcoin Tech Talk Newsletter Issue #148

Issue #148 - August 5, 2019

Bitcoin can't be copied. 2 years since UASF. PBST extensibility, LN routing improvement. Checking coin taint.
Why Bitcoin can't be copied. Understand Bitcoin Transactions and create them from scratch! For those that are new, remember what happened 2 years ago. Discussion around future add-ons to BIP174/partially signed Bitcoin transactions. Making Coinjoins less Sybil-able.

Bitcoin Can't be Copied
2 year anniversary of UASF
Extensible PBST
JoinMarket Sybil resistance

Improving routing using RTS gaming techniques. Improving routing using a "trampoline" technique.

Routing algorithm improvement discussion
Trampoline Routing

Figure out how tainted your coins are. Interesting JS tutorial on making a blockchain.

kycp tutorial
Make a blockchain from scratch

Off Chain and Programming Blockchain:
My book is available in print on Amazon!

Programming Bitcoin is available on Amazon!

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