Lightning Peach Wallet: v0.1.0-testnet

lightning-peach-wallet version v0.1.0-testnet released.

LightningPeach wallet v0.1.0-testnet

This is the first public release of the LightningPeach wallet. This release runs LND with neutrino enabled and on Bitcoin’s testnet. Find out more about our wallet: * LightningPeach wallet video tutorial can be found here * LightningPeach wallet user guide can be found here

Important: Development of the LightningPeach wallet is still in progress. It means that different issues can occur during wallet usage. Using real coins may be risky.

Known issues:

  • Sometimes Lightning Network channels may become inactive.
  • Sometimes payments may result in the following error: “unable to find path to destination”.

Note: We use LND fork to improve UX. If you would like to build your application from LND, please use the Installation guide.