Ledger Live Desktop: v1.1.0

ledger-live-desktop version 1.1.0 released.

🎉 Improved performance and various bugfixes.

🚀 Performance

We have identified and fixed bottlenecks that were degrading app performance. This should address lags and very long Synchronization’s that ended with timeout errors.

  • USB connectivity: The app will now only connect to Ledger devices whenever they are added. This increases USB performance and fixes some related bugs (#1058).
  • UI file system database changes: The overall app frame rate increases with this change and file system usage should be more limited (1235).
  • Portfolio performance: The performance on the Portfolio has increased thanks to various improvements (#1313).

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fixed a database issue that could prevent users from unlocking the app with their password.
  • Fixed discoverability of Ethereum accounts that have only received ETH issued by smart contracts (current limitation of our API).
  • Allow users to set zero fees.
  • Fixed validation of the Send (step 1)
  • Potentially fixes glitches with mouse / keyboards / other USB devices reported by some users.

✨ Other

  • Interface improvements on the password form. A submit button is now always shown.
  • Upgraded to a more robust numeric package to prepare for upcoming features.
  • Logs are cleared when quitting the app (#1337).
  • Missing explorers were added for multiple crypto assets (live-common#57).
  • Added in-app guidance to help some users solve USB connection issues, particularly on Linux. (#1224)
  • Various user experience improvements throughout the app.