Eclair: v0.2-beta1

This is the first release of eclair that can be configured to run on mainnet (on previous versions, by design, users would have had to change a few lines of code and recompile to run on mainnet).

We’ve learned a lot from months of deployment on testnet and believe it is mature enough but, as with any beta software, you still need to be careful and not put too much money into it.

Change log

  • Add support for mainnet (#513)
  • Extend penalty to stealing HTLC outputs (#517)
  • Addition of API calls checkinvoice and findroute (#475) (thanks @n1bor)
  • Eclair now requires Bitcoin Core v0.16.0 or higher
  • In electrum mode, eclair now uses a pool of electrum clients connected to different servers
  • Store db files in a chain-specific subdirectory of datadir
  • Track version of each logical database (#495)
  • Specify that we need at least jdk 1.8u161 to build (#491)
  • Simplified blacklisting of nodes in case of payment failures (#489)
  • Set a configurable maxPaymentFee as safety (#493)
  • Proper clean up of private channels (#488)
  • Update Funding tx id value in GUI when funding is signed (#511) (thanks @natewave)
  • Complete commit logs