Edge Wallet v0.5.1

Edge wallet for Android and IOS released version 0.5.1 which includes support for DASH wallets and multiple stability improvements.

New Features / Improvements

  • Added support for Dash wallets
  • Fix numerous crash issues
  • Add ability to spend unconfirmed funds (BTC, BCH, LTC)
  • Unconfirmed funds show in balance (BTC, BCH, LTC)
  • Edit and delete user added custom Ethereum ECR20 tokens
  • Allows users to enable and disable TouchID per account
  • Native accelerated crypto (PBKDF2 & secp256k1)
  • Improve performance for creating wallets (BTC, BCH, LTC)
  • Improve performance logging into new devices
  • Require password to change PIN or password
  • Detect errors in Shapeshift and properly show to user
  • Properly restrict Shapeshift transactions to the min/max of the currency pair


  • Unable to disable PIN login
  • Unable to enable or login to 2FA accounts
  • Unable to setup password recovery
  • Random crashes on Android while idle. Happens more easily on accounts with many wallets
  • Newly added custom tokens get disabled after logout/login
  • Occasional incorrect balance or transaction list for BTC, LTC, BCH, and DASH wallets if on slow network connection
  • Occasional hang when creating Shapeshift transaction
  • Transaction meta data, enabled tokens, and wallet state may not immediately sync between devices