Bitcoin: v0.16.1

Notable changes

Miner block size removed

The -blockmaxsize option for miners to limit their blocks’ sizes was deprecated in version 0.15.1, and has now been removed. Miners should use the -blockmaxweight option if they want to limit the weight of their blocks’ weights.

0.16.1 change log


  • #11423 d353dd1 [Policy] Several transaction standardness rules (jl2012)


  • #12756 e802c22 [config] Remove blockmaxsize option (jnewbery)

Block and transaction handling

  • #13199 c71e535 Bugfix: ensure consistency of m_failed_blocks after reconsiderblock (sdaftuar)
  • #13023 bb79aaf Fix some concurrency issues in ActivateBestChain() (skeees)

P2P protocol and network code

  • #12626 f60e84d Limit the number of IPs addrman learns from each DNS seeder (EthanHeilman)


  • #13265 5d8de76 Exit SyncMetaData if there are no transactions to sync (laanwj)
  • #13030 5ff571e Fix zapwallettxes/multiwallet interaction. (jnewbery)


  • #12999 1720eb3 Show the Window when double clicking the taskbar icon (ken2812221)
  • #12650 f118a7a Fix issue: “default port not shown correctly in settings dialog” (251Labs)
  • #13251 ea487f9 Rephrase Bech32 checkbox texts, and enable it with legacy address default (fanquake)

Build system

  • #12474 b0f692f Allow depends system to support armv7l (hkjn)
  • #12585 72a3290 depends: Switch to downloading expat from GitHub (fanquake)
  • #12648 46ca8f3 test: Update trusted git root (MarcoFalke)
  • #11995 686cb86 depends: Fix Qt build with Xcode 9 (fanquake)
  • #12636 845838c backport: #11995 Fix Qt build with Xcode 9 (fanquake)
  • #12946 e055bc0 depends: Fix Qt build with XCode 9.3 (fanquake)
  • #12998 7847b92 Default to defining endian-conversion DECLs in compat w/o config (TheBlueMatt)

Tests and QA

  • #12447 01f931b Add missing signal.h header (laanwj)
  • #12545 1286f3e Use wait_until to ensure ping goes out (Empact)
  • #12804 4bdb0ce Fix intermittent failure. (jnewbery)
  • #12553 0e98f96 Prefer wait_until over polling with time.sleep (Empact)
  • #12486 cfebd40 Round target fee to 8 decimals in assert_fee_amount (kallewoof)
  • #12843 df38b13 Test starting bitcoind with -h and -version (jnewbery)
  • #12475 41c29f6 Fix python TypeError in (MarcoFalke)
  • #12638 0a76ed2 Cache only chain and wallet for regtest datadir (MarcoFalke)
  • #12902 7460945 Handle potential cookie race when starting node (sdaftuar)
  • #12904 6c26df0 Ensure bitcoind processes are cleaned up when tests end (sdaftuar)
  • #13049 9ea62a3 Backports (MarcoFalke)
  • #13201 b8aacd6 Handle disconnect_node race (sdaftuar)


  • #12518 a17fecf Bump leveldb subtree (MarcoFalke)
  • #12442 f3b8d85 devtools: Exclude patches from lint-whitespace (MarcoFalke)
  • #12988 acdf433 Hold cs_main while calling UpdatedBlockTip() signal (skeees)
  • #12985 0684cf9 Windows: Avoid launching as admin when NSIS installer ends. (JeremyRand)


  • #12637 60086dd backport: #12556 fix version typo in getpeerinfo RPC call help (fanquake)
  • #13184 4087dd0 RPC Docs: gettxout*: clarify bestblock and unspent counts (harding)
  • #13246 6de7543 Bump to Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 in (ken2812221)
  • #12556 e730b82 Fix version typo in getpeerinfo RPC call help (tamasblummer)