WalletWasabi: v0.9.3

WalletWasabi version Wasabi v0.9.3: Beta Release 4 - Binaries released.


This release contains some minor bugfixes, and performance improvements. Notably it makes the wallet file load about 5-10 times faster. From this release we are also distributing PGP signed Windows installers and Linux archives for those who would not like to build the software from source code.
We also started working on a new website, which shows the latest coinjoins and the volume of the all time mixes in real time. This website will replace https://www.wasabiwallet.io/ eventually, for now it can be only reached only over Tor Browser: http://wasabiukrxmkdgve5kynjztuovbg43uxcbcxn6y2okcrsg7gb6jdmbad.onion/

Additional Notes

  • Configuration, wallet and similar files can be found in %appdata%\WalletWasabi folder on Windows and in ~/.walletwasabi folder on Linux/OSX.
  • OSX is NOT yet supported, but we are close to its Beta release.
  • If you already have Tor, and it is running, then Wasabi will try to use that first, if not, then Wasabi will use its built-in Tor. If Wasabi is using your Tor daemon, then bear in mind that some Linux distributions’ package repositories ship out of date Tor. In that case, either remove or shut down that Tor of yours or make sure it’s not out of date: Check Tor version: tor --version. If it’s not at least, then see this writeup on how to update it.

Noob Guide

Installing Wasabi is straightforward. However, if you still couldn’t manage it, please take a look at the Installation Instructions guide.

Release Notes

  • Make wallet load 5-10 times faster (182fca805e2c5c8981b284cee335fed727be461f, 7ccd8296c9cbf744a120577d926ce975ec4886fe, aaf7280b19550ddd47a1f25abfb840a912def73e, 7b0b842db9e9f68c877c721b7dcd62a34a337df4, 2a148580b44e46a80b8ef017a85b9fa54707aa3e, a3747529f58887113cc518999b3b4096c2ccb503, b2dfd174693d0a619858bd2815a09eb34bb494cf, 99575cd07fdceab23ff3b4a9a9826ea7d504ca8d, e9eaaef9d4000a064c2058ffa87f2139dda83773, 85f73471e329276e2ea5f23b0acab11fb315d91d, e25d0de80f04dacc3aa6671c0adf119afb8aa622, a44f2e2c8638e976ac12a9c64e2a50cc89ebf3d9, a1435980e53320ddd0d9caa81030bf9e1c25117c, ff42981fe15d59f0b8f694e722ecb0643166eb12, fb1db2ae4ab4952c92687dedfa4ea056023bde38)
  • Attempt to dequeue coins when process is killed (58b123984ee517bdf4a3b80999c1adf3fff5dd2e, 3ab485f3ac16fb28bf357b2347af0778cf813708)
  • Process can now be attempted to shut down with CTRL+C (5db59ea5b3a000d4b495deec387b9d7dd5f8cc07)
  • PGP sign commits and releases binaries.
  • Refine password validation to autocorrect copypasted whitespace (835543921dfda06a2bfaa30516a8b5449f5bc341, 3a015404870b56b8bd11c4f2901b49f99f2e6dad)
  • Notify Linux and OSX user when transaction arrives (9b07cadb24132ce867a2fc58c56104ff81339180, f3cb4d9f896d9e8670694f54cffba4ac246acec7, 2360379b45ce65dbf0048878e28476c67abe1fea, 9efa7c7ae634b51d1b8f3f9a755b5ac242657d5c)
  • Fix denial of service too severe banning from mix issues (008ef2981cd68c87f177ce3c32f0e582bb323395, 6d470a66bcf7228c9cd2675ba8e7bbba83cd21fe, c885ea9cc0e78389ac2c7382ccf3941f1408c5eb)
  • Provide Linux binaries and Windows .msi (274c136dfc75ff55c467be79c21865b070621d64, …)
  • Fix issues on non-English operating systems (8147f48cb5904374fdd42f8b8c7dc842da38e3c8, a88c3afdf811796913bbc1aa3d9af6d1f1511278, d81bdfc66592741e7f11186fe4647d9c7d4717ee)
  • Fix lean Windows, like OSX Boot Camp incompatibility issues (d33f29ee4e44c50eec259711bf2a8d40fc0c5fcc, 2f493181144a185e34ca03af80a95202eecefafb)
  • Create new Wasabi website (eed3c86faba3957f533db9dd14aa8a42a3f27594, ….)
  • Fix generate address UX locking issue on really slow computer (3ab79debeace6e22451b0870610602466c244b35, 8ff374fc2fb6a3da15ebe2dbdedfacb1d83510f0, 49aee698226a12986ff1e752328b6e03173322ed)