Notable Commits For Thu, Nov 15

Notable issues and merges on Bitcoin Core, LND, c-lightning and libsecp256k1

Originally published by BitcoinOptech on newsletter #21

  • Bitcoin Core #14410 adds an ischange field to the getaddressinfo RPC indicating whether the wallet used the address in a change output.

  • Bitcoin Core #14060 makes configurable the maximum number of messages the ZeroMQ (ZMQ) interface will queue for a client. The default High-Water Mark (HWM) allows up to 1,000 messages to be queued before some messages are dropped. A new HWM may be chosen by setting one of the following configuration options to the desired maximum number of queued messages (or the maximum queue size may be made unlimited by setting it to 0): zmqpubhashtxhwm,zmqpubhashblockhwm, zmqpubrawblockhwm, and zmqpubrawtxhwm. The greater the queue size, the more memory the program will use.

  • LND #1782 adds a num_inactive_channels field to the getinfo RPC with the number of the node’s inactive channels (similar to the existing counts of pending and active channels).

  • LND #1944 adds a pub_key field to the sendtoroute RPC so that LND doesn’t need to get the pubkey from an external source. This allows routing payments through private channels that are not listed on the public network.