Commit Activity For Thu, Nov 08

Notable issues and merges on Bitcoin Core, LND, c-lightning and libsecp256k1

Originally published by BitcoinOptech on newsletter #20

Bitcoin Core #14454

Adds support to the importmulti RPC for segwit addresses and scripts (P2WPKH, P2WSH, and P2SH-wrapped segwit). A new witnessscript parameter fulfills the same role for segwit as the redeemscript parameter for P2SH. Also a solvable parameter is added to the getaddressinfo RPC to let the user know whether the wallet knows the redeemScript or witnessScript for a P2SH or P2WSH address, i.e. whether it knows how to create an unsigned input for spending payments sent to that address.

LND #2027

Adds a configuration option that allows a node to reject new channels being opened with an initial “push” of funds. This eliminates an occasional problem merchants are seeing where inexperienced users receive a BOLT11 invoice for some amount of money, realize they don’t have a channel open, and so manually open a channel with an initial payment for the invoiced amount. This manually-issued payment is not associated with the unique invoice, so the user doesn’t receive the product or service they attempted to purchase and the merchant needs to manually issue a refund (if they can). Merchants who enable the new configuration option provided by this PR will be able to automatically prevent users from making this mistake.

C-Lightning #2061

Fixes the overflow bug in bech32 decoding as described in the News section.