Zap Desktop: v0.2.1-beta

zap-desktop version Zap Desktop 0.2.1 Beta released.

Bug Fixes

  • activity: correct tooltips in activity log (a6439f1), closes #662
  • activity: show icon for paid invoices (87bc9cb), closes #625
  • activity: show paid/unpaid on invoice tooltip (a4a3c5c)
  • activity: show settled date for paid invoices (b14ca33), closes #624
  • app: quit when window closed on non-darwin (ddbdf01)
  • copy: fix small typo in login copy (93604f2)
  • copy: fix small typo re adding funds to network (ace267b)
  • invoice: only notify on settled invoices (b1be3f4), closes #670
  • lnd: ensure neutrino is properly initialized (288e15c)
  • lnd: more robust homedir detection (d724572), closes #596
  • lnd: support tilde in connection params (eb4fe31), closes #596
  • neutrino: handle numbers and strings (4ca96a9)
  • onboarding: improve existing wallet message (d2f53aa)
  • onboarding: show existing wallet location (0de2b7d)
  • package-lock: remove package-lock (9d7ea76)
  • ui: set app title to “Zap” (c57f10b)
  • wallet: honour currency when opening channel (8220ed0), closes #523 #604
  • windows: read lnd config from %LOCALAPPDATA% (b3b3d0f), closes #628


  • lnd: require explicit connection config (32399cf)
  • lnd: require explicit connection config (b54fd26)
  • lnd: support multiple lnd configurations (56c6c59)
  • lnd: update lnd rpc proto file (cb36799)
  • lnd: update lnd to latest master build (e8b9d22)
  • lnd: update to new btcd backend (2870555)
  • onboarding: allow login with Enter key press (2fa918c)
  • sync: more detailed sync progress (1671610)
  • updates: implement electron auto updates (b5d70fa), closes #607
  • ux: keep app running on window close (b180287), closes #586 #601