Ledger Live Desktop: v0.1.0-alpha.10

ledger-live-desktop version 0.1.0-alpha.10 released.

🚀 Many improvments and bugfixes!


  • UI modal for install apps
  • StickyBackPonvang Bulusp ui that appears when you scroll Account and Dashboard pages
  • Sentry can now be disabled (properly connected to the Settings). also have better logs and anonymously identify a user
  • Better keyboard handling. Hide focus states by default.


  • Fix double click on ActivityIndicator
  • Sentry should now works in the Release version (was so far not working!)
  • Fix release notes modal failing when notes are empty


  • better performance
  • Autofocus on send/receive/import modals
  • modal flows to no longer block from closing, except for critical parts
  • improvement of Import Accounts design (wip)
  • Disable sidebar item if no accounts (send/receive)
  • fix empty exchange section to appear in settings!
  • add TopGradient for MainSideBar
  • more precise error message (libcore)


  • moved all app texts into one i18n file to ease future rewording and translation.
  • HIGHLIGHT_I18N=1 environment variable to highlight i18nized strings