Ledger Live Desktop: v0.1.0-alpha.13

ledger-live-desktop version 0.1.0-alpha.13 released.

🎉 This is a bugfix release with important changes on design (new logo, new onboarding).


  • Fix ‘genuine’ step to pass
  • Fix seeing twice New Account in case of XRP
  • if app crash at boot, we now render the error like a runtime error
  • new version of the websocket server
  • There were a bug where importing an account and closing the app was not saving the account.
  • Fix clean cache


  • logo and app icons
  • splashscreen
  • error rendering integrated like designed
  • placeholder for main graph when countervalues are not loaded
  • New design for the installer
  • Genuine check is skipable as fallback, in case our server is down. you can also Retry it.
  • mcu flash call
  • timeouts on the Genuine check and sync
  • cache on the fees and select exchange
  • catching more error cases for the sockets
  • publicKey is saved in ETH/ETC/XRP accounts so we can easily migrate them to libcore in future.